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With the strong emergence of bottled water market as a key industry, it was natural that a need for automatic bottling machines for packaged drinking water was created .

We at Venus Packaging have developed FULLY NECK holding machines for handling PET bottles blown from very low grammage preforms . Being neck holding, our machines can handle extremely delicate bottles irrespective of bottle profile ,  without distortion . All the machines are rotary - monoblock by design and are extremely compact in size . Another outstanding advantage of neck holding concept is the ability to run the entire range of bottle sizes from 200 to 2000 ml without  involving the use of change parts

The revolutionary design is a result of dedicated efforts and ingenuity, attributes that have always kept Venus Packaging at the forefront of bottling technology in India . A combination of high quality inputs and progressive technology has enabled us to achieve our path breaking goals . We are pleased to introduce you to the world of bottling machines... at their best in India .


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